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Our Operations

🤝 How can I contact ProxiTouch?


❌ Is there a monthly fee?

No, ProxiCard is a one off fee of just £64.95.

❌ Do you need an app?

You will however need a modern smartphone (2014 upwards for android and iPhone 7 upwards). Please view the ProxiCard product manual for further details.

🤑 Is the referral scheme instant?

When you share your details with someone via ProxiCard, they can select "Build my ProxiCard" from either the contact saved or link shared initially by the ProxiCard.

ProxiCard Product

📲 How can I change details on my ProxiCard?

If you wish to edit card details at this point, a quick email to info@proxitouch.com - please use the email on our system with your company name and name of ProxiCard holder.
It's free of charge the first time, £5 a time thereafter. You can change as much as you wish per time.

📴 What is NFC and how does it work?

Near-Field Communication (NFC) is an embedded chip in your ProxiCard with pre-programmed data to relay to an NFC chip inside modern smart phones.

📱 What phones are compatible?

Most modern smartphones are compatible with reading NFC chips.

Android, anything 2014 or later. Apple iPhone 7 or later.




  info@proxitouch.com